Když Vám někdo vyhrožuje…

Přišel mi e-mail

FINAL WARNING ondrej@ondrejsramek.cz!

You have the last chance to save your social life - I am not kidding!!

I give you the last 72 hours to make the payment before I send the video with your masturbation to all your friends and associates.
The last time you visited a erotic website with young Teens, you downloaded and installed the software I developed. My program has turned on your camera and recorded your act of Masturbation and the video you were masturbating to. My software also downloaded all your email contact lists and a list of your Facebook friends. I have both the 'Ondrej.mp4' with your masturbation and a file with all your contacts on my hard drive. You are very perverted!

If you want me to delete both files and keep your secret, you must send me Bitcoin payment. I give you the last 72 hours. If you don't know how to send Bitcoins, search Google. Send 2000 USD to this Bitcoin address immediately: 3KKFxZigSBwScG17dPZvanrzRe8VUM3DoV (copy and paste) 1 BTC = 3850 USD right now, so send exactly 0.525109 BTC to the address above. Do not try to cheat me! As soon as you open this Email I will know you opened it. This Bitcoin address is linked to you only, so I will know if you sent the correct amount. When you pay in full, I will remove both files and deactivate my software.

If you don't send the payment, I will send your masturbation video to ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES from your contact list I acquired. Here are the payment details again: Send 0.525109 BTC to this Bitcoin address: ---------------------------------------- 3KKFxZigSBwScG17dPZvanrzRe8VUM3DoV ----------------------------------------

You саn visit the police but nobody will help you. I know what I am doing. I don't live in your country and I know how to stay anonymous. Don't try to deceive me - I will know it immediately - my spy ware is recording all the websites you visit and all keys you press. If you do - I will send this ugly recording to everyone you know, including your family. Don't cheat me! Don't forget the shame and if you ignore this message your life will be ruined. I am waiting for your Bitcoin payment. Emeline Anonymous Hacker P.S. If you need more time to buy and send 0.525109 BTC, open your notepad and write '48h plz'.

I will consider giving you another 48 hours before I release the vid, but only when I see you are really struggling to buy bitcoin.

Nevím jestli jsem se měl vyděsit, no nepovedlo se.

Nic jsem nezaplatil, bitcoin adresu jsem nahlásil…

Pokud Vám tohle někdy přijde do schránky je to obyčejné vydírání. Celý text je napsán tak, že Vás má vyděsit a donutit k tomu ať zaplatíte. Co nejdřív, než Vám dojde, že je to bouda.

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